Additional Edits Pricing - JULIE JACKSON

Basic & Enhanced Edits/Processing

I love the Processing/Editing aspect of Photography almost as much as I love creating the images during your session. The artistry of bringing life back into an image as I envisioned it, is an essential part of my Editing workflow.

Each picture presented to you in your album is reviewed inch by inch and Edited by hand. Editing images is time consuming and can take up to 5-10 minutes for a Basic Edit.  

Enhanced Edits require a lot of dedicated time and patience to create, each Enhanced image can take up to 30-90 minutes to edit depending on what is being done to it; background removal and composites take the longest. Please be extra patient when requesting additional Enhanced edits:)

Estimated editing/processing time is based on per image, and depends on the complexity of the desired edit.   

The Photographer has the ability to deny an Enhanced Edit request at any time if requested edits are too complex, unrealistic or beyond the photographers abilities. Please let your Photographer know of anything you may need removed (such a birth mark or a mole) before the session begins.

I will do a Basic Edit on all photos presented to you in your Password protected Album, and will gift you at least One Enhanced Edited photo ALL at NO additional charge.  Note: all Edits/Processed images are chosen by Photographer, I will choose the best images from your session.   Prices below are for additional Edits/Processing requested from the Client.

Client Request for Additional Basic Edits and Enhanced Edits:

Additional Basic Editing $15.00/photo  -   (these edits are already included as part of my editing workflow, and done on each individual photo shown in your gallery, Pricing above is for additional Edit requests from Client) -  These edits take 5-10 minutes per photo.  There is a 48 hour turnaround time per photo

• Crop/Straighten

• Temperature adjustment (white balance adjustment)

• Exposure adjustment

• Vibrancy/Clarity/Saturation/Curves adjustment

•  Sharpen

• Whiten teeth & Enhance eyes

• Basic skin Beautification (Remove: scars, minor blemishes & dark under eye circles. Soften: wrinkles, & eye bags)

• Remove minor elements/objects from photo (electrical wires, background clutter, dog leashes)

• Minor removal of fly away hairs

• Removal of spots on solid color background

Enhanced Editing $25.00/photo  - These edits can take 30-90 minutes per photo, depending on the complexity of the requested edit.  There is a 5 day turnaround time per photo

• All Basic Edits included

• Advanced Skin Retouching (severe acne/scarring)

• Age defying Beautification (take off 10 years)

• Facial feature Edits (change size of eyes, lips, nose, forehead, reshape jawline (slim face)

• Body shaping – in moderation (slim arms, legs, waist)

• Replace lost tooth, reduction of eyeglass glare   (teeth and eyes must be visible in opposite side)

• Swap subjects heads using another similar image & pose  (fix closed eyes by replacing with another similar image)

• Background adjustment (solid color replacement, extend solid color background)

• Spot coloring (single colored object surrounded by Black & White)

• Total Background replacement, Sky replacement

• Composites (merge multiple photos together)

• Remove major elements/objects from photo (buildings, cars, electrical wires & poles etc)

• Tattoo removal

• Complex effects (per individual request)

Please note:

• Certain edits are not possible with every image.  Although Professional Photo Editing software can create magic in a photo, it’s also limited to the type of Software and also ones abilities to manipulate that software. 

Please discuss with your photographer during your session if required edits are needed that can be fixed during your session rather than after.  It's better to fix during the session, rather than time consuming and pricey edits afterwards.

• Certain Enhanced Edits can take up to 8-10 days/photo, depending on the complexity of the requested Edit.

I cannot do the following:

• Recreate body parts, clothing or objects etc.  (example: recreate a hand that is hidden behind something, create objects not shown in any of the photos during your session)  

• Body manipulation:  remove 20+ pounds, "fix" facial expressions

• I can outsource complex time consuming edits that are beyond my editing ability to a Professional Editor

• Outsourced Enhanced Pro Edits: minimum of $50.00/photo

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