Frequently Asked Questions

I encourage you to feel free to contact me if you have ideas about customizing your portrait session, or if you have questions on what to wear or bring to your session.

What does my Retainer Fee cover?

1.  Your Retainer secures your date and time for your portrait session. To ensure you the best personal service, no other session will be scheduled at least 1 hour before or after your session date/time. Cancellations due to emergencies, weather or sickness can be rescheduled at the client and photographers earliest convenience.

2.  Gives you access to Download all your processed images via your password protected album or a zipped file sent to the Client via email.  You are able to print and share your images as much as you desire!

3.  Covers photographers time, travel, setup, insurance and labor/service fees for Processing on all images that will be available to you in your personal online album. (Images are individually processed; this processing takes 14-21 days from your session date. Processing is done in order of session date; during busy seasons orders may take 4-6 weeks for processing) but don't worry...I usually start retouching images within 24 hours and will gladly share sneak peeks with you if you follow me on Facebook!   

**** in order to cover the loss of other business due to securing your date and time so that no other session is scheduled during your session date/time, and due to the nature of Digital Downloads & extensive processing time, your retainer and digital downloads shall be deemed a final, non-exchangeable, non-refundable sale. 

What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?   

Rescheduling: If the client must reschedule their session due to an emergency, sickness, or inclement weather; they must alert the Photographer ASAP prior to the session time. Please let the photographer know when you would like to reschedule.

Cancellation w/o rescheduling:   At the time the retainer is paid, the contract takes effect, Julie Jackson Photography shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time.   For this reason, in the event that the “Client” cancels their session & contract for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Julie Jackson Photography in order to offset the loss of business.

If the Photographer must cancel due to emergency, sickness or inclement weather, the Client has the ability to receive a full refund, or the client may reschedule.

I want family portraits done for Christmas cards or intimate portraits done for Valentines Day:

All Holiday and Special Occasion Portrait sessions must be reserved no later than 2 months prior to the holiday or event in order to have time for processing, ordering, and delivery.  If you are wanting the Mini Gift Set session for groups, it does not include individual poses; just the group shots.

Do you have a Contract?

Yes, upon correspondence with the Client, I will draft a Contract specific to the Clients wishes for their photo session. This agreement and contract gives me the Photographer permission to photograph everyone commissioned for the photo session, and also allows clarity to what the Client is receiving from the Photographer, such as the date, time, policies, number of images that are to be received, cost, ect... This is for the Client's protection as well as the Photographer's in case legality issues must ensue. The paying Client will be provided with their password protected online Gallery, no other Person(s) will be allowed access without the Client providing them the password.  

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash or Checks are accepted in person at least 48 hours after session date is reserved, this is to hold your date and time of your chosen session. 

Credit or Debit Cards:   The Photographer has the ability to send an invoice to the email of choice to the Client where they make a quick, easy payment online through Paypal (you do not have to have a Paypal account to send payment). This allows the Client to ensure payment was handled appropriately

****Credit card and Check payments must be received within 48 hours after receipt of invoice to hold your date and time and at least 2 months prior to session date in order to ensure secure payment.  

I want my pictures done at a local Botanical Gardens, City Park or National Park location:

Please note that City Parks now charge $50 for a permit for portrait sessions being held at all City Parks. Bicentennial Park, the Arboretum, the Bog Garden, Gateway Gardens, Bur-Mil Park, Reynolda Gardens etc.  please check with city park policies before requesting a session to ensure photography is allowed and to review updated pricing and policies. 

** An additional $50 fee will be added to your session fee if you choose one of these locations for your portrait session. All State and National Parks are also requiring a permit for photo sessions, please inform me if you wish to have your portrait session at a State or National Park including beaches so I can inquire on pricing and permits needed.


Do we get to pick the location or is it up to the Photographer to choose?

The Client is encouraged to choose the location(s) for their shoot. Since my preferred style of shooing is with a shallow depth of field (blurry background),  locations do not have to be elaborate for a successful photo session, a local park or your yard is usually suitable.  If the Client is unsure of where to hold the session, the Photographer will give the Client a list of easily accessible locations that will allow for a variety of images.

Please be aware the Photographer does not shoot on railroad tracks, even ones that are not active.

The Photographer also does not shoot at any City or National Park without permission and paid permit. The Client will be responsible for the $50 permit fee to allow the Photographer to shoot at City and National Parks. 

What happens if we are late to our session?

The Photographer allows a grace period of up to 15 minutes before the session is Canceled, Rescheduled, or Continued on the Photographer's own accord. If the session is continued, beware that your time will be shortened and you may not receive all the images you chose for your package. Please arrive at your session location on time or early and prepared accordingly with makeup & hair done, and your outfits and props readily picked out and available. This allows your session to run smoothly without any lags in time.

What should we wear for our session?

Please be sure to check that your clothing choices are comfortable and fit well, and check to be sure they are wrinkle and stain free. Remember to also check your shoes to be sure they are stain/scuff free, and that you have clean manicured nails.

Clothing choices:

1.  Complimentary colors are best, like a rich cobalt blue against the warm colors of the autumn leaves, or a bright red against a green forest.

2.  Neutrals also tend to work best for photos; such as greys, creams, browns, dark greens, ect... The reason for this is it makes the viewer pay more attention to the Client(s) rather than what they are wearing. It also tends to have a less reflective quality on the skin tone, unlike bright, fluorescent colors that may reflect poorly on the skin.

Limit busy patterns and graphic designs as these may too draw attention away from the Client.

Add subtle pops of color to clothing by adding accessories like a colorful or bold printed scarf or a sweater, this helps break up monotone colors. If you are wearing a hat or sunglasses, the Photographer may ask you to remove these items for the risk of intense facial shadowing.

You have every right during your session, however, to wear your preferred clothing and accessories, so get creative - your session is all about you after all!

All that said, it is MOST IMPORTANT for you to wear colors and a style that most compliments you and who you are. If you feel confident and attractive in your clothing choices, your pictures will portray that.

I see we get a certain numbers of images, can we pay for more than what you offer?

The Photographer will choose the best images from your session that she thinks is the best representation of the Client(s). You are guaranteed at a minimum the number of images you have paid for,  but you will usually receive more if there are additional images the Photographer wants to gift to the Client - which happens quite often since I cannot seem to ever make up my mind and keep strictly to the limited amount offered!   To guarantee more images, you may pay for the additional time listed under Add On's in the bottom of the Investment Portrait page.  

I am not sure how to pose for photographs, is there anything I can do to prepare before the session?

Wearing comfortable and correct fitting clothing will help when it comes to posing during your shoot. Wear an outfit that makes you feel powerful and confident, but also something that allows you to freely move in.

Pinterest is a really great website to help choose some poses that allow you to visualize and practice. The Photographer is there to help pose so please allow them to move your head, arms, and legs accordingly to get the best results. Try on your outfits prior to your session and practice posing in the mirror so you can see the poses and clothing that flatter you and those that do not. Remember, posing is all about the angles......so relax!

If you do not like the way something looks during your session, please notify your photographer during your session so that I can help minimize problem areas with posing.  It's better to try to fix or minimize it beforehand, rather than afterward.   (ie. you don't like your upper arms or legs showing, or a certain side of your face etc.)  The saying of "you can just fix it in Photoshop" is wrong, it takes a lot of additional time for the photographer (and additional cost to the customer)  to correct something in Photoshop that could have been corrected during the session. 

What does “ Retouched, Edited or Processed images” mean?

So many words with the same meaning!!

I do a Basic Edit on each individual image with professional photo editing software to edit and retouch your images; making your portraits shine!   

Please Click here to see the Additional Edits page for more information

Basic Edits 

these edits are already included as part of my editing workflow, and done on each individual photo shown in your gallery,

Enhanced Edits

These Advanced Edits require a lot of dedicated time and patience to create, each Enhanced image can take up to 30-90 minutes to edit depending on what is being done to it; background removal and composites take the longest. Please be extra patient when requesting additional Enhanced edits:)

Please click the link above for a more detailed list on what this means.

I wanted a particular pose or shot and I don't see it in my gallery, how can I ensure I get particular shots in my session?

The Client is responsible for making the Photographer aware of particular shots they are wanting BEFORE the session begins and/or during your session. The Client may freely speak up and notify the Photographer at any time during your session of any poses they want, or bring examples of certain poses you want!   If you and the Photographer did discuss a particular shot or pose that was photographed, but it is not in the gallery, please notify the Photographer immediately. The Photographer will not be held responsible for missed shots due to non-communication by Client(s) or uncooperative clients when trying to get particular poses.

Are the final images watermarked? Can I edit the images myself or post to social media?

Final delivered and downloaded images will have NO Watermark present, but still contains Copyright information about the Photographer embedded in the images digital file. Social Media ready images are watermarked and resized for the web for you.  Please only post watermarked Social Media ready files on the internet.

The Client may post their High Resolution images on Social Media, but must be aware this may cause the images to look less saturated, blurry and not as high quality depending on how the companies software compresses the images posted on their site.

As long as the image is not altered in any way such as Instagram filters, inappropriate cropping, added text overlays, ect... the provided watermarked image may be used on Social Media.


How are the images delivered?  What if I want a CD or USB?

All images will be provided to the Client in an Online password protected Gallery for you to view, the Client will also receive a zipped file via email containing all processed images to download, print and share.  If the client wants a CD or USB instead, please let the Photographer know prior to the delivery of the gallery, during your photo session. There will be an additional  $25.00 fee for the CD or USB.

* There is a $25 service fee to upload images back onto my website after it has expired for Portrait albums and $50 service fee for Wedding albums.

Do we get all the unedited images for us to edit and use?

The Photographer does not provide unedited RAW photos, as this may ruin the end result and client satisfaction. All retouched images are chosen by the photographer - only the best images from your session will be chosen and placed in your online album for you to view and download - RAW images and discarded images are archived to trash once your album has been posted for you to download.

I am interested in getting Professional prints made, how do I make that possible?

Within your password protected gallery, you can select the images and sizes you want to be printed, then meet with your photographer to order, your prints will then be printed from the photographers chosen professional lab. A professional lab ensures that the colors are correct to what the Photographer has edited them too,  and prints are on High quality archival photographic paper. If you choose to forego the professional lab and download to print your images yourself, you will be provided a Print Release to choose a local photo lab of your preference.

Please be aware that the Photographer is not held responsible for the quality, color etc. of any prints that are produced by a photo kiosk or print lab of the clients choosing. Please contact your Print Lab's Customer Care in regards to your prints if you are unhappy with their quality.

I printed my pictures at a local photo kiosk, why do they look horrible vs. the prints I ordered through the photographers professional lab?

Chain store photo labs use low-grade photo paper and ink, diverse equipment and varied color profiles, making the quality of prints and difference in color vary greatly, I DO NOT guarantee the quality or color of prints made by other photo labs when prints are not purchased through  Julie Jackson Photography. You are more than welcome to also order Professional prints and Fine Art products from Julie Jackson Photography, all ordered prints will be printed by my chosen professional print lab.   The best use of your downloaded photo's is for printing small prints under 8x10, cards and Social Media use only.

If you choose to print yourself:  I recommend using Mpix or Costco print labs; although they are not my preferred Professional print labs - they are better than others in print quality and cost.

Ordering Professional quality prints through my website:  Professional prints are calibrated to my monitor with my Professional print lab so that prints are 100% accurate in color saturation, detail and exposure, your pictures are printed on quality archival photo paper and is guaranteed not to fade for 100 to 200 years depending on how they are displayed.  Please contact me to set up an Ordering session if you would like professional prints. 

Can I buy the Copyright to my images?

The Copyrights will remain the sole property of the Photographer. You will receive a Printing Release with your downloads  that allows you to take to a local print lab and print your images if you choose to forego the professional print lab. You may not sell your images or distribute the images through media outlets (magazines, newpapers, billboards, ect...) 

Sale of Copyright on all images are not provided, copyright is not needed unless you plan on selling your Portraits; you will be provided a Print Release. Your purchase includes digital copies of your images provided to you via digital download for you to print and display for personal use only. Copyright is held by Julie Jackson Photography and all sales of copyrighted images are prohibited. Any editing (such as filters, color correcting, color conversions, cropping (except for printing), Social Media Filters, ect...) may be subject to legal action if the Photographer finds such actions occurring.


Don't see an answer to your question?

Please feel free to contact me at:

Phone: (336) 209-5243  or

Email: JulieJackson73@gmail.com

and allow me to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

All photographs and text on this site are protected under United States and international copyright laws (© Julie Jackson) with all rights reserved. Any form of unauthorized reproduction, including downloading, saving, printing or manipulating these images in any manner is a direct violation of these copyright laws. Under Copyright Law: Photographer retains all rights, license, copyright, title and ownership of all image(s). Purchasing prints, a print release, or digital images gives the client rights to display or print their own images for personal display; but not rights to own the copyright to images created by the photographer.

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