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Your Photo Session Experience

Step I

Your In-Home Consultation

After a brief phone chat, we will schedule a day for us to meet either at your home or at a local business so we can plan your custom photo session. We will chat about clothing choices, location, posing and brainstorm all the ways I can help guide you in putting your beautiful portraits on your walls (or on your coffee table in the form of a stunning album!) I will also have my pricing guide so we can discuss your budget.

This is a personalized experience. Your preferences for image style are very important to me, as well as designing any custom gallery collection you may want. As an example, many of my clients choose a 3 piece collection to hang in a large space, like above a fireplace or sofa. With something like this in mind, I will make sure I get 3 similarly styled images in vertical composition.

You are not obligated to decide or purchase at this time. It is simply a design consultation and a chance to chat.

Another main objective of the consultation is for me to meet you and your pet(s). I would love the opportunity to get to know you all a bit so that session day is not stressful for and is tons of fun!

After our consultation, when you are super excited to book your photo session, I will ask for your deposit.

Next is the fun part!

Step II

The Photo Session

The fun part!

For outdoor sessions, we will meet at your house or another chosen location. 

Of course your input on location is of most importance to me, I love using a specific location dear to your heart, or locations with scenic elements to make the photo more of an art piece as opposed to just a portrait of you and/or your dog! In a world where everything is overdone and over-edited, I look to bring back the crisp, classic features of the photograph and showcase you in a truly beautiful way.

Dog sessions look like dog walks, but with some treats and toys thrown in the mix. Sessions can take up to 2 hours in order to allow wiggle room to get used to each other and ensure we are not rushed!

Your session is a time for you to shine and enjoy being pampered. However, I love including your dog as well, and capturing the true connection you share. Those will be the ones that make your heart melt. My best wardrobe advice is to wear what makes you feel best, something that is comfortable and appropriate for the weather and terrain.

For indoor sessions, I will ask that we keep your cat or dog in well lit rooms by closing the doors to other rooms. It’s best to have most little things put away since the background will be in the images - the neater the better! We have up to 2 hours to have fun and play to get the very best photos! If you want to be in some photos, I totally encourage it. Whether that’s casually interacting lovingly on the couch/floor or just zoomed in on your hands petting your dog/cat.

Next is the really fun part!

Step III

The Reveal!

THIS is the really fun part!

Within 2 weeks, I will come to your home and after everyone is comfy, I will present you with your final images on my laptop.  I will guide you in choosing the art work and album that truly makes your heart full. There are no sales antics here, I am simply there to help assist you.

After you are completely satisfied with the results and experience, we can create your product order.

I do ask that all parties responsible for financial decisions are present during the reveal session so we can get your order placed with my lab as soon as possible.

I can’t wait to show you your finished wall art!

THIS is truly the really, really fun part!

Step IV

Personal Product Delivery

This is the last step - I promise!

But THIS, this is truly the really, really FUN  part -  the BEST one!! 

Within 2-6 weeks, depending on what you decided for your order when we chatted during your consultation, I will email/text you when your online album is ready for you to view and download your images.

or I will hand deliver your Professional Prints & customized, professionally handcrafted wall art and albums to your door!

I hope I’ve answered any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out if there’s anything else I can help you with! ~ Julie

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